The Associated Consultant

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The Associated Consultant

Sayyid Ahmad was always beside Imam Khomeini after the revolution as a consultant. He was the only one capable of doing these. The founder of the Islamic revolution fully trusted Sayyid Ahmad and had said this several times.

Mahmoud Rashidi an expert in the Islamic Revolution from the Research Institute of Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution told Jamaran news agency:

The Islamic revolution which occurred in 1979 surprises a lot of experts and activists in revolution matters. The Islamic revolution relied on the social movement of different groups of our people and the leadership played an important role in it.

Imam Khomeini used different sources to lead the revolution. Hajj Sayyid Ahmad as one of his consultants played a unique role in this field which we will try to study it more.

Sayyid Ahmad’s activities aren’t just limited to the pre revolution era, but he was at the service of Imam and the revolution until his last days.

His role as a consultant beside Imam especially after the revolution like during the riots, movements of some groups, Imam’s commandership at the war, organizing and managing the country, attending the sessions of the three wing powers and … is a role that a few could have done it. For delivering the news to Imam a close person to him was needed, and the only person suitable was Sayyid Ahmad. Though the authorities were directly in contact with Imam but it was only through him that they could have received a recommendation or deliver a report to Imam, at time an official would have called at midnight and because Imam was resting, Sayyid Ahmad would have delivered the issues to Imam. He had consulted Imam in different issues. And at times that he had a different view from Imam on something he fully accepted Imam’s sayings and used to say: “Imam understands better than us and for sure we are mistaking.”

He used to attend important meetings,and along with knowing details about different issues and giving his opinions, delivered the messages to Imam as soon as possible. He delivered Imam’s messages to the people in those meetings without the smallest change and he told Imam about the reaction and responses of them. And he always differed his opinion and Imam’s by saying it.

Managing of informing Imam and issuing Imam’s message to people and authorities were all done by Hajj Sayyid Ahmad. He was accurate about Imam’s messages and he didn’t even put a dot or a comma without telling Imam. The satisfaction of a person or a group wasn’t important for him, the only important thing was to be as Imam had asked him to be.