Sayyid Ahmad emphasized on practical criticizes

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Sayyid Ahmad emphasized on practical criticizes

17 years after the demise of Hojatoleslam Hajj Sayyid Ahmad Khomeini, the valuable relic of Imam Khomeini has passed and still the people of Iran have sorrow on his loss. He who especially after the martyrdom of Sayyid Mustafa, Imam Khomeini’s older son, kept all the secrets of Imam and had devoted his life in the path of the divine aspirations of the Islamic revolution.

Jamaran news agency in his memory published a collection of his thoughts, memories and viewpoints, in continue you will find parts of his viewpoints:

In a meeting with judiciary officials (April 4, 1990):
“Today we could protest against a system or also we could be subservience for them, but we should try so we won’t have subservience in our systems because if not it’ll cause a lot of dangers for our country and remember when someone praised Imam and if among his praising subservience  was felt, Imam would’ve reacted.

Criticizing is an issue that won’t harm our country. Our country will improve by criticizing. Our country is known with its power today in the wold, and if we prevent criticizes now, we have closed the door to freedom which is one the principles of our revolution, so we should emphasize on this issue. If freedom is taken from our country we would be harmed in an unsolvable way, but of course we should have in mind that criticizing is different than making difficulties for others.”

In a meeting with commanders and authorities of the Revolutionary Committee (May 1, 1990):
“The media should prepare the social field to talk about different believes. Of course no one believes in absolute freedom, and our school of thought has defined it in a frame and a freedom which is against Islam and Islamic aspirations isn’t freedom at all. And we should consider that running from reality will raise the false and we can’t hide reality forever.”