Nothing wrong has happened?

Nothing wrong has happened?

One of Imam’s grandsons has recalled through memoirs that on Fridays for lunch we used to go to Imam’s house and until two o'clock we used to eat lunch and then we used to play with the bicycle. Our bicycles were always in Imam's home. Imam used to be telling us: Do not come toward my room.

But he never used to be telling us having unhappy and being upset. Laughing he used to tell us that I am sleep and I am tired; I will be awakened and I will be weary. You do not come toward my room and do not make noise. We went once and Imam was then awakened. He did not tell us anything; but others quarreled with us.

Once too when Imam was walking I wanted to pass through a hallway riding my bicycle and suddenly it slipped and I fell off the bike in front of Imam. He helped me pick up the bicycle and he told me: nothing wrong has happened? I said: no but I was a bit scared that my bicycle might had hit or harmed Imam.

 (A memoirs by Imam’s grandchild)

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