Imam Khomeini displayed great discipline during thick and thin times

Imam Khomeini displayed great discipline during thick and thin times

Imam Khomeini displayed great discipline during thick and thin times; Memoirs about Imam Khomeini

It has been recalled in a series of memoirs that Imam Khomeini had a great discipline during various situations.

Doctors who were treating Imam at a hospital during his last days of life recall that it was easy for them to treat Imam because he maintained great discipline and took medicine or took serious medics directions.

Imam also through his speeches advised medics, nurses and medics to adopt great ethical and moral norms while performing their professional duties.

One of members of Imam Khomeini’s medical team has recalled through a series of memoirs that he was extraordinary kind and showed affection towards doctors and nurses.


During the last days of Imam Khomeini’s, in addition to the regular members of the medical team, other physicians were also invited to Jamaran (a neighborhood of Tehran) to consult on the illness of the Imam. 


Addressing the Physicians, nurses and Staff of the Heart Hospital and some common people, Imam Khomeini once said as following:

“In the name of God, the beneficent, the merciful
Thanks to the physicians, nurses and employees of the hospital. I, during the time that I was in the hospital and was a source of trouble to you all and now I am departing from you gentleman, I thank you all and I pray for you all. I hope that we all during this time, and during these sensitive moments that our nation is passing through and conspiracies that are hatched against our nation and country, whole nation, all class of people should put hand in hand together and make the conspiracies ineffective.

I am very thankful all of you, the employees and the workers of the hospital and respected physicians who during this time showed their high love and care for me and like a son who nurses for his old father, nursed me. I am thankful. May God protect you all and protect all of nation.”

Memoirs about Imam Khomeini

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