Admiral Habibollah Sayyari:

Accepting the resolution in that time was a part of Imam's military strategies.

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Accepting the resolution in that time was a part of Imam's military strategies.

The Commander of the Navy mentioning that Imam Khomeini had a great perspective about the sacred defense and accepting the resolution 598, counted the Islamic Awakening as the continue of this approach.

Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, the Commander of the Navy of I. R. Iran in an interview with Imam Khomeini Portal pointed to the wise strategy of the great founder of the Islamic revolution in his rapid response towards Iraq's military attack to Iran and said: "This response caused a change in the battle field and it strengthened the contrary's military power within a short time that not only we made the enemy to withdraw but we put them in a position that they requested Iran to accept the resolution."

Admiral Sayyari by mentioning that Imam didn't view this war as a war between Iran and Iraq and he had a perspective about the sacred defense, counted the region's Islamic Awakening as the continuance of that perspective and said: "Accepting the resolution in that time was a part of Imam's military strategies. This military tactic of Imam Khomeini proved that we were standing in the right position and we were fighting against the vicious and that we didn't offense anyone."

This military commander of the sacred defense said: "Imam Khomeini while mentioning the reasons of accepting the resolution showed the entire world that we are not a country that slays innocent nations. This position by Imam showed that our war was the war of the right against the false and this issue prepared the circumstances for the Islamic Awakening."

The Commander of the Navy stated: "What happened was for defending our honor and dignity and the entire world accepted this. This position by Imam made the entire world to understand the rights of the Iranian nation."

Admiral Sayyari declared: "Imam's leadership sayings influenced every one somehow that all the people got ready to accept the resolution. Imam, by his sayings, sent the youth to the frontlines and by the same words he declared the acceptance of the resolution, and when it was announced all the armed forces accepted it."

At the end he added: "In the historic memory of the world there is no one among the political leaders and military commanders with such an influencing word. The power of Imam's words and his great position is known for everyone."