Sayyid Hassan Khomeini and Morals:

''If intentions are made pure, morals will kick in''

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''If intentions are made pure, morals will kick in''

Sayyid Hassan Khomeini was visited by a number of Afghani men and women. He talked of Imam Sajjad (as) as the founder of a cultural movement among Muslims. He also told the Afghans to stay united, believe in themselves and work together to build Afghanistan.

The heads and members of different Afghan boards visited Sayyid Hassan Khomeini at the shrine of Imam Khomeini. According to the Jamaran News Agency, Sayyid Hassan gave his commiserations for the martyrdom of Imam Sajjjad (as) and said: “After the tragedy of Ashura the Islamic society experienced many major calamities. However the greatest tragedy which came about for Muslims was the loss of good morals and character (i.e. akhlaq). These bad morals and qualities were not only seen in the rulers and caliphs but had also penetrated society and were seen in people. Due to these circumstances Imam Sajjad (as) insisted, advocated and tried to instill and spread good character, and fix the corrupt qualities of society. Imam Sajjad (as) thus can be known as the founder of a new cultural movement among the Muslims. ” 

Sayyid Hassan Khomeini also talked of the Makarim al-Akhlaq Doa, which is found in Sahiffayah Sajjadiya, and stated: “The sentences in this prayer show that Imam Sajjad (as) paid particular attention to akhlaq. We see that, in this doa, after Imam Sajjad (as) sends his blessing and salaams on the Prophet (saw), he says:

وَبَلِّغْ بِایمانى اَکْمَلَ الْایمانِ، وَاجْعَلْ یَقینى اَفْضَلَ الْیَقینِ، وَانْتَهِ بِنِیَّتى اِلى‏ اَحْسَنِ  النِّیَّاتِ، وَ بِعَمَلى اِلى‏ اَحْسَنِ الْاَعْمال اَللَّهُمَّ وَفِّرْ بِلُطْفِکَ نِیَّتى، وَصَحِّحْ بِما عِنْدَکَ یَقینى

This means: ‘increase my faith to the highest degree, and make my certitude the best of certitudes, and make my intentions the best of intentions, change my actions into the best of actions. Oh God, with your grace make my intention complete and sincere.’…The truth is that if intentions are made pure good characteristics will be formed. The source of all evil and wickedness is nothing but insincere and impure intentions.”

Sayyid Hassan further added: “If we place Imam Sajjad’s (as) lesson and advice as the basis of an Islamic society, we will take one step forward and all bad acts and evilness will slowly be reformed into better acts….no one acts bad, makes accusations, lies, commits usury and steals to please God. We must seek help from Imam Sajjad (as) to help us in these times.”  

In another part of his speech, Sayyid Hassan mentioned that the Afghan brothers must believe in themselves and build their country with the help of each other, and added: “Afghanistan has had an important role in spreading and strengthening Islam throughout history and was even influential. The Islamic civilistaion was influenced by Iran, and Iran was influenced by Khorasan, and Khorasan was influenced by Afghanistan. Thus our Afghan brothers must believe in themselves in order to solve their problems.”

Sayyid Hassan also talked of the strong faith the Afghans had and mentioned one of the memories of his father, Sayyid Ahmad Khomeini, and stated: “One of the Afghan brothers once came to the Imam and announced that he wanted to pay his khoms. Since he sold lanterns, he gave a few lanterns as his khoms. The same man returned after several days and said that he had reached Karachi when he opened his bag and realized that he had forgotten to give the Imam a nail (which belonged to one of the lanterns). So he returned to give the Imam the nail. This is just an example of the degree of faith the Afghans have.”  

Sayyid Hassan Khomeini invited the Afghans to form a friendship with Iranians, and to believe in themselves and try harder. He also asked government officials and particularly the president to pay attention to the education of Afghani children and to solve their problems. He further added: “The children of immigrants more often than not are forced to leave their education and studies due to financial problems. However preventing this is one of the important aims of this revolution and our civilistaion. In addition allowing there to be children, who are living in this country and are unable to study, is not consistent with Islamic character and the morals of our people.”