Imam’s political characteristics

The Imam reacted to insults in a way which pleases God

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The Imam reacted to insults in a way which pleases God

The author of the book, Nehzat-e-Imam Khomeini, talked about the Imam’s reactions and political movements in the presence of a number of clergymen at the Islamic sciences centre or Jami’e Oloom Islami centre. Two of the Imam’s most prominent characteristics were his swift and well-thought out reactions and his prudence.

The author of the book, Nehzat-e-Imam Khomeini, said the following in the presence of a number of clergymen at the Islamic sciences centre or Jami’e Oloom Islami centre: “Due to the fact that the Imam predicted some incidents before they took place, he was always well- prepared for various occurrences.”

This gathering took place on Thursday the 15th of December, where Sayyid Ahmad Rowhani addressed a number of clergymen who had been educated at the primary and secondary levels. Sayyid Rowhani pointed out the changes that took place before the revolution, and said: “At that time America preferred to put pressure on the Shah in order to protect its personal interests in Iran, however Muhammad Reza had promised to resolve the circumstances.”

Sayyid Rowhani also added that America did not have a correct view of Islam and did not think Islam was detrimental to Istikbar [1]. “Today world arrogance understands Islam and anywhere there is talk of Islam, it will rise in opposition to it.” 

The author also added that the Imam used his opportunities very well, and in the year where the martyrdom of Imam Sadiq (as) coincided with the Iranian New Year, the Imam issued a statement declaring: “We have no Eid this year and in order to hit the regime hard, we will mourn the martyrdom of Imam Sadiq (as).”

Sayyid Rowhani also talked of people’s shock at the speeches and words of Imam Khomeini, and stated: “Prudence was another characteristic of the Imam. Due to the fact that the Imam predicted particular events, when different incidents occurred he was well prepared. An example of this was the incident at the Faydhiah School, where some clergymen closed their doors but the late Imam opened his doors to the injured clergymen.”

Sayyid Rowhani also talked of the image the Shah had created among the commoners and said that even some of the clergymen believed that, the Shah was a Shia and so opposed the uprisings against him. “Revealing the true image of the Shah was very important for the late Imam.”

He further added that Muhammad Reza Shah thought that his attack on the Faydhiah School, like his father’s attack on the Gowhar Shad Mosque, would create such fear among the people that they would not find the courage to even speak for many years to come. “If it was not for the words and speeches of the late Imam, the Shah’s regime would have achieved its aim and fear and terror would have filled the people’s hearts.”

In addition, Sayyid Rowhani talked of the fact that the regime did not know the Imam well and thought that insulting him would make him stop opposing the regime. “The regime issued a statement which insulted the female members of the Imam’s family. However the Imam reacted in a way, which pleases God.”

Sayyid Rowhani also listed a number of historical, threatening and insulting works, which the regime thought were the solution to the Imam’s uprisings. “The Imam stood against all these problems and revealed the truth by issuing various statements.”

America was of the view that Iran was like the current countries of Egypt and Turkey, in other words their appearances changed but in reality they were the same countries as before. “Thus the regime expressed its eagerness to listen to the people only if there was no objection towards the Shah and the Israeli occupiers, and the slogan “Islam is in danger” was omitted. However the Imam cleverly neutralized their conspiracy.”

[1] World arrogance, the ‘want’ of certain powers to be more important than the rest of the world and to pursue personal interests whatever the cost