Imam breathed fresh life into spirit of resistance

Imam breathed fresh life into spirit of resistance

A prominent Canadian Muslim religious scholar has said that the late Imam Khomeini, the founder of the founder of the Islamic Republic revived spirit of resistance among the Muslim world.

Sheikh Ahmad Hanif noted in an interview that the great Imam said no to oppression and hegemony of dominant powers.

Hanif, after converting to Islam studied Islamic sciences for many years in Qom seminary schools, and now currently lives in the UK. He is presently a researcher and professor of Islamic sciences in London,

 “The thoughts of Imam Khomeini were spread around the globe after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.” IRNA news agency quoted Sheikh Ahmad Hanif as saying. 

Imam Khomeini also revived Palestine cause in the world public opinion and we were witnesses to the fact that after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran resistance against the occupation policies of Israel became a culture, Hanif noted.

The Muslim scholar added that revival of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon, too, was among the fruits of the thoughts of Imam and the Islamic Revolution of Iran, which managed to kick the Zionist regime off the soil of that country and emerged victorious in the course of the 33 Day War.ˈ

The late Imamˈs emphasis on observation of piety and fearing the Almighty Allah and his entering of the rules of ethics and spiritual values in governance and in ruling a country were samples of a new approach in political leadership in the world, which had no precedence, the scholar note

One of the major axes of Imam Khomeiniˈs thoughts was his resolute confrontation against tyranny and neo-colonialism, and it was this thought that granted self-confidence to the Muslim nations, strengthening them against their internal and external enemies, the Muslim cleric emphasized.

The Canadian Muslim cleric concluded that the influence of Imam Khomeini’s thoughts and the Islamic Revolution of Iran are clearly observed in recent developments in the Arab world, the Middle East and the North Africa. 

The remarks come as Israeli military aggression against Gaza began on July 8. More than 1,940 Palestinians, including 470 children, have so far been killed and nearly 10,000 injured in Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza. 

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