Imam Focused on Plight of oppressed Nations on Auspicious Eid

Imam Focused on Plight of oppressed Nations on Auspicious Eid

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic urged all followers of Islam and other divine religion to focus on the plight of oppressed people and nations on auspicious day of Eid al-Fitr.

The great religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world used to call upon the Muslim societies to settle their differences and put special emphasis on the unity among the Muslim community

The great figure of contemporary history regularly used to release and send congratulatory messages to the Muslim masses and their figures on this event of great significance on the Islamic calendar.

The great Imam undertook serious efforts  to attract the Muslim masses and leaders' attention towards problem facing the Muslim world.

This year’s eid comes as the death toll from the ongoing Israel’s war on the besieged Gaza Strip has exceeded 1,000. Our prayers go to innocent people who have lost their lives in Israeli aggression against oppressed nation of Palestine.

Imam Khomeini also underscored the divine and spiritual perspectives of the Eid day. It has been narrated by the infallible successors of the holy prophet of Islam that "Everyday in which you do not disobey Allah is a day of Eid."

We also read in some Islamic traditions as following:

"Eid is for those whose fasts have been accepted and whose salaat (prayers) are worthy of reckoning and every day when one does not commit a sin."

The religious festival is of great significance as believers get their spiritual reward from God the merciful after observing a month of fasting , divine feast and undertaking serious efforts to purify their hears and souls.

It is worth mentioning that Imam Khomeini used to recite the divine scripture too much during the holy month of Ramadan and considered these sacred times as spring of the holy Quran.

The relatives and friends say that Imam used to cancel his official meetings to concentrate on spiritual activities of observing fast and reciting the holy Quran during the days and nights of this holy month.

It is evident and clear from holy verses of Quran that observing fast is of great significance because it is a prologue to piety and piousness. The observing fast has been an obligation for all divine religions including Islam.

It is recommended to help the needy and poor Muslims and efforts must be undertaken to solve their problems on this special spiritual and divine day.

We bring one of Imam’s messages on this auspicious occasion as following:

Greetings to all Muslims, the students in Iran and abroad, and the Muslim youth (may God assist them) on the auspicious occasion of Eid al-Fitr. Felicitations to you, the enlightened and religious people who are making sacrifices for the realization of Islam's sublime goals that guarantee the welfare of the people, and fulfill their spiritual and material needs. Felicitations to the Muslims who submit to imprisonment, exile, torture and death defending Islamic tenets and the Muslim countries; and in freeing themselves from the yoke of imperialism and its evil agents; who endure every kind of deprivation in uprooting the forces of oppression.

Fitr is the day appointed by God Almighty for the Muslims so that, by their congregation for the prayers and sermons, relevant to every era, they can find their path in relation to Islam and its bloodthirsty enemies. However, Friday and Friday congregations have lost their impact owing to the pernicious propaganda, leaving the Muslims bereft of Eid in the present circumstances.

Sahifeh, vol. 3, Page: 171

Message, September 26, 1976

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