Book sheds light on Imam's progressive political thought

Book sheds light on Imam's progressive political thought

A precious book containing the modern and progressive political thought has been published in the holy Iraqi city of Najaf.

The book titled "Imam Khomeini and his progressive thought" has been compiled and written by an internationally-reputed writer Sami Baghdadi. 

The book is also expected to be presented at the upcoming international book exhibition in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

This comes as the international departments of the institute for compilation and political thought have also published several collections of research articles which highlight Imam's genuine thought in various fields including politics and international relations.

Several of Imam's precious works have been translated into several languages in recent years.

Latest Survey show Imam's progressive political-Islamic thought are increasingly becoming popular in the tragically important region of Middle East and several other regions across the world. 

The great leader of the Muslim world set unique and unprecedented patterns of good governance by establishing an Islamic-democratic system in Iran following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. 

The Islamic Revolution eradicated inequality and poverty, and confronted the world arrogant powers and empowered the oppressed nations across the globe.

The regional and Western scholars have conducted several research works about the Imam's progressive thought in various fields including, politics, moral, mysticism and philosophy.

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