Imam Khomeini Recommended Officials to Serve Nations

Imam Khomeini Recommended Officials to Serve Nations

The religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world recommended the Iranian officials to spare no efforts in rendering services and resolving problems of masses and the nation.

The founder of the Islamic Republic emphasized the impotence of spiritual freedom and sticking to the Quranic and Hadith teachings.

The founder of the Islamic Republic also advised the officials and authorities to boost potentials of piety and accountability before God the Almighty and avoid from any type of aggression or cruelty against the masses and public.

The great Imam also said the authorities should carry out best practices of governance and watch interests of the country, the Muslims and the divine religion of Islam.   

The great figure of the contemporary history also insisted on Islamization of the university environment. According to the great Imam, if the academic centers observe all Islamic interests and prove useful for the Muslims and Islam, then all problems will be resolved.

Imam also maintained that the universities should observe all human and the Islamic values in teaching all their curriculums and conducting research works.

The great Imam Khomeini advised for sticking to right path and practicing justice and rendering services to the public with great enthusiasm.

Imam Khomeini also emphasized importance of maintenance of maintenance of justice in all perspectives and avoiding any type of cruelty. Imam frequently said the Islamic-democratic should use all its potentials to serve the masses and nation

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