President insists on preserving Iranian, Islamic identity

President insists on preserving Iranian, Islamic identity

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has felicitated the nation on Nowruz, outlining the need for national solidarity to safeguard the Iranian and Islamic identity.

President Rouhani emphasized on providing the situation required for the economic, social and cultural development.

He said that the government makes every effort to prepare the ground necessary for better, free and safer life for the nation and the next generation.”

The president remembered the dear families of martyrs, the disabled and war veterans as well as the other nations celebrating Nowrouz. He  addressed himself to all walks of life of Iranian society, the servicemen who are away from their family

He appealed to all factions and groups election to put aside politics of hostility and be inspired by the advent of spring to replace them with mercy and kindness.

He said spring means the occasion has come to stand away from harsh cold of the winter and the intolerable hot weather of the summer.

“Rather, it is spring of moderation and our nation has fallen on the path of moderation since long ago.”

 “The most important of which is providing atmosphere of hope, solidarity, joy and more vibrancy for prosperity of dear Iran and development of the country that is birthplace of great civilization.”

 “However, let’s not forget that we should speak to each other with the language of leniency and passion. We need cohesion and unity. If we do not join hands, flowers will not flourish in our society. If a flower is grown, it is the outcome of enjoying water, soil and light. In absence of the three, there will be no grass and no flower will blossom out.”

“Let’s join hands; let’s endear our Islamic and Iranian identity no matter what is our thought and ideology. Let’s create an atmosphere for growth of culture in our society. The government assures the people that it would double its serious efforts in the new year to improve life standard, elevate ethical values and less social vulnerability. “

He said people should make efforts to get closer to God Almighty, Holy Quran and the Right Path, creating atmosphere of sincerity, fraternity and kindness govern our life.

President Rouhani commemorated martyrs and vowed stronger efforts to implement general policies of resistance economy and economic development and progress.

He called on the public to pay attention to environment protection and prevent any pollution to dear Iran, earth, air, sea and its ponds.

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