fatimah Az-Zahra

Imam Khomein iInvited the Muslim Women to Follow Hadrat Zahra

Imam Khomeini the great spiritual and religious leader of the Muslim world called for all women to follow the conduct and footsteps of the holy lady Hadrat Fatima (peace be upon her) in order to play a crucial and constructive role in the Islamic societies.

The great Imam frequently emphasized that the conduct of the holy lady of Islam was a perfect spiritual role –model and pattern for the whole women of the world.

The founder of the Islamic Republic often cited several verses and Islamic traditions to describe the virtues and spiritual qualities of the holy lady.     

One of Imam Sadiq (PBUH) companion asked: Why did Fatima was called Zahra?  

He replied that when the Fatima Zahra stood to worship, the light shines from the sky, from the earth, as the starlight shines.  For this reason she was given the nick name of Zahra which means the spiritual and divine light.

The Prophet (PBUH) said about Hazrat Fatima that “she has faith in God the deep inside her heart and soul. My daughter Fatima was the best women of the universe.”

The holy prophet also said that Fatima was part of my body, and the fruit of my eye and my heart and my spirit.

Imam Khomeini believed that if the Islamic societies follow the conduct and teachings of the holy lady, they can easily attain the prosperity in this world and salvation hereafter.  In this way, women can find their real status among the Muslim and world societies.

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