Congratulating the New Year and elaborating on the miraculous national developments

Congratulating the New Year and elaborating on the miraculous national developments

May this new day and this new year be happy for the people who have undergone development in terms of faith! It is hoped that their faith elevates to its utmost...

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

God willing, this auspicious feast and New Year will be merry and prosperous for all Muslims and the honorable Iranian nation and for all the sisters and brothers! May this feast be a marry one for all those who devoted all their efforts for the progress of Islam in the preceding year! I hope that the supplication offered on the first day of the New Year will find expression for our nation this year, as it was realized in the previous year. O, Transformer of hearts and eyes! O, Sustainer of night and day! O, Converter of months and years! Change our state for the better! »1« All hearts, eyes and insights are in the hands of God Almighty and subject to His omnipotence. It is He who directs the universe, the night and the day; it is He who transforms the hearts, gives light to eyes, transforms man's states- and we found it in our dear nation, in women and men, the young and old. This transformation which causes hearts to get detached from worldly desires and mundane things and join the Supreme Truth, makes insights grow ever deeper and helps people realize what is in their best interest has been achieved to a great extent in our nation. I hope that in this New Year this state will reach its zenith. Today, we see that in the hearts of people who heeded the worldly matters prior to the revolution and paid little attention to the unseen, the manifestation of the unseen is visible. This enthusiasm and satisfaction with the proximity to God has found reality in them and the favor of God Almighty has been granted to the nation, strengthening their faith, as one of the signs of the advent of the Savior) May our souls be sacrificed for him (. It is not without motivation that a nation experienced transformation despite living under a tyrannical monarchy for the past 05 black years. Their hearts have been transformed into ones with light much brighter than the rays of the sun, being endowed

with an insight illuminating the heaven and earth, a miraculous transformation that has found reality in all layers of people.

May this new day and this new year be happy for the people who have undergone development in terms of faith! It is hoped that their faith elevates to its utmost. Sacrificing their blood with courage and decisive resolution is a new thing that has found reality. Self-sacrifice has flourished in this nation and will thrive in the future, God willing. I hope that this year, like the previous will be auspicious and that all government organizations will act according to the laws of Islam and remove the problems with the power of faith and support of the nation one after the other. If we have numerous problems, we also have an unusual human power and a God-given power supports us. We, who consider God Almighty to be our support, seek to be liberated from the claws of the enemies of Islam. We seek the independence of the Islamic country so that no powers in the world can harm it. We will perpetuate this revolution for the gratification of God Almighty. Our nation, thank God, pushed forward this revolution with their increased faith and with divine power. I hope that in the coming year, we can be at the helm of the affairs more efficiently than in previous years and traverse our path for God more favorably. I hope that we can traverse the straight path of humanity more fervently and reach our destination- that is the station that God Almighty has promised to believers and mystics. It is hoped that, God willing, the hands of all powers will be curtailed from our country. Thank God, we have reached a station that we will never become weak in the face of the problems, thanks to the development emerging in our country, in our youths, in our women, in the nation. Thank God, so far each year has been and will be better than the previous year. I hope the predicaments befalling us will be compensated thanks to the faith emerging in us, in you and in the entire nation. It is hoped that this revolution will be transformed into a universal revolution and a prelude to the advent of the Savior, may our soul be sacrificed for him. I congratulate all the believers, all the oppressed peoples of the world, all Muslims of the world and ask the Muslims to take a step in the cause of Islam with their might and power, and support Islam so that, God willing, the enemies of Islam- those who cannot tolerate Islam- will be ostracized and isolated.

May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon him!

Sahifeh, vol 16, Page: 116-117

Time: March 20, 1983, Farvardin 1, 1361 AHS/ Jamadi al-Awwal 25, 1402 AH

Place: Jamaran, Tehran

Occasion: New Year Holiday

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