Late Ahmad Khomeini Protected the Islamic Revolution’s Legacy

Late Ahmad Khomeini Protected the Islamic Revolution’s Legacy

Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Ahmad Khomeini the son of the founder of the Islamic Republic used to emphasize on protection of the Islamic Revolution’s legacy and he never involved in power struggle or sought a position for personal interests and purposes.

Late Ahmad Khomeini was a very popular personality among the people and he had been blessed with unique divine qualities as of Imam.

Sayyid Ahmad, a leading Islamic cleric and the younger son of the great Imam, left this mortal world forever and passed away on March 15, 1995. His devotees in Iran and across the other parts of the world are holding memorial ceremonies on the occasion of 18th anniversary of his passing away.

He stood by the great Imam through thick and thin times and supported the great leader and the revolution when they were facing great threats and challenges.

The genius scholar also remained and stayed with the great Imam during years of exile and served as a well-wishing advisor and watchman of the revolution.\His eminence Ahmad also became a strong shield for Imam to protect him against regional and international conspiracies in troubles and difficult times. He served the people and the revolution without considering any personal interest.

This great figure was also offered many high-ranking positions following the victory of the Islamic Revolution, but he preferred to serve the people as an ordinary man.

The Iranians and devotees across the world will always remember this unique divine character and his dynamic thought will continue to attract our hearts and minds forever.

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