As if he saw nothing except God

The worship and relationship of the Imam with God was not something that I could describe. To the extent that I was able to keep in touch with friends of my father and put forward questions on the subject to my mother, all of them opine that the Imam had an exclusive relationship with his God. The Imam was so immersed in God and would speak in such terms about his beloved that one would get goose pimples. It is interesting for you to know that sometimes in times of tragedies and disasters when the authorities would come to see the Imam, he would speak of God in such terms as if saw nothing except God. About the relationship of the Imam with God, there are abundant memories and words that no pen can do justice to the subject. The Imam was a personality who was truly dissolved in his Spiritual Guide; and he would not reflect about anything except Him and feared nothing except God.[1]

[1] As if he saw nothing except God: Sayyid Ahmad Khomeini

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