Nobility of spirit in attitude towards opponent

When I was at the Dar ash-Shifa’ Theological School, my study chamber was next to that of the Imam. There was a theologian who would come from the Faydiyyah Seminary to the Dar ash-Shifa’ Theological School. However, as soon as he would reach my chamber, he would go no further. He was not willing even to make eye contact with the Imam or his chamber because he was strongly opposed to mysticism and philosophy and disagreed with the ideas of the Imam. When at a meeting the Imam was told that so and so person had such opinions about him and would sometimes speak against him, he stated: “I forgive whatever he has said about me. I hope his backbiting and slandering causes God to pardon my wrongdoings as well as to result in his guidance.”

Nobility of spirit in attitude towards opponent: Ayatullah Sayyid Hasan Badla

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