Imam Khomeini kept balance in handling his responsibilities while undertaking official duties

Imam Khomeini kept balance in handling his responsibilities while undertaking official duties

Imam Khomeini had observed and kept a balance in handling his responsibilities while undertaking struggle for the Islamic Revolution and after becoming the leader of the Islamic Republic.

As far as possible, Imam was particular that he should not impose his work on others, but rather carry it out himself.  In Najaf, it sometimes happened that from the roof , Imam would notice that the kitchen or bathroom light was left on. 

In these cases, he would not tell his wife or anybody else who was also on the roof to go and switch off the light.  Rather, he would himself make his way down three flights of stairs in the darkness, switch off the light and return. 

Imam Khomeini, the late leader of the Islamic Republic never reacted to personal insults inflicted against him throughout his life.

It has been recalled through a series of memoirs that Imam Khomeini had spent his entire life for divine cause and purpose.

The family members and friends within close circle of Imam says that he never responded to personal insults which were committed by insane persons or poisonous propaganda launched against him during veracious stages of his life.

For an instance, during his youth hood, once one of Imam’s relative showed anger or expressed indecent expressions for him, Imam instead of showing outrage or any reaction had remained calm. 

It is worthy to mention that from the beginning of his career -- both as a student and teacher of Islamic sciences, Imam Khomeini committed himself to a life of simplicity, of spiritual discipline to discover and understand the essential aspect of his life, namely, his struggle against those who abuse God’s trust by falsely assuming the responsibility of working towards a just and equitable society while failing to uphold justice and corruption-free everyday life.

He took up the challenge of standing true to the Prophet’s mission of actively engaging the world to reform it and advance it towards a better future.

Imam pointed out that the pillars of family had been collapsed in the Western countries because they had failed to pay attention to spiritual and moral values.

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