Man’s relationship with nature and the environment from Quranic viewpoint

Man’s relationship with nature and the environment from Quranic viewpoint

The Holy Qur’an, in many instances, has referred to man’s relationship with nature and the environment.

Man is part of the natural world in his formation, growth and the continuity of his existence on this earth; interacting with the natural components and their environmental conditions, continuously.

Several Qur’anic verses speak about man as a part of the natural environment he interacts with; gaining from it and likewise, giving to it.

He is also responsible for its growth as well as preventing vices and corruption in it.

Man, this living creature, represents a part of the natural system, which activates its components toward understanding and the coordination between each other.

Thus, the natural world can be defined as the balance and the accurate, scientific, calculated equilibrium from the most learned and knowledgeable being.

The amount of water, the salinity of sea, the sweetness of river, the ratio of oxygen, the grade of light rays, the degree of heat and the quantity of rain, fish, animals, plants…etc., all this is well calculated without the least error.

The earth and its gravitational force, rate of movement, and power of absorption has an effect on the life of man, animals and plants, and their continuous existence in this universe shows that the knowledgeable Creator has arranged it accurately.

Consequently, several verses have discussed the reality in the life of man, naturally and environmentally, viz:

(An extract from environmental protection in Islamic Shriah, this text underlines the importance of protecting the environment)


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