Imam Khomeini had a multi-dimensional personality

Imam Khomeini had a multi-dimensional personality

Researchers and experts believe that political thought of the late founder of the Islamic Republic encompass all concepts that have some governmental and societal applications.

Imam Khomeini is a multi-dimensional personality who authored numerous works in mysticism, jurisprudence, philosophy, theology and politics and in view of him being the founder and leader of an Islamic thought-based system.

Imam has undertaken very serious discussion in his famous book “Islamic government and jurist governance”.  He explains about necessarily of establishing such a governmental system which could revive divine and human values among society.

According to Imam, the Sunnah and path of the Prophet (PBUH) constitute a proof of the necessity for establishing government.

First, he himself established a government, as history testifies. He engaged in the implementation of laws, the establishment of the ordinances of Islam, and the administration of society.

He sent out governors to different regions; both sat in judgment himself and also appointed judges; dispatched emissaries to foreign states, tribal chieftains, and kings; concluded treaties and pacts; and took command in battle.

In short, he fulfilled all the functions of government.

Second, he designated a ruler to succeed him, in accordance with divine command. If God Almighty, through the Prophet (PBUH), designated a man who was to rule over Muslim society after him, this is in itself an indication that government remains a necessity after the departure of the Prophet from this world.

 Again, since the Most Noble Messenger (PBUH) promulgated the divine command through his act of appointing a successor, he also, implicitly stated the necessity for establishing a government.

Then the Most Noble Messenger (pbuh), nominated the Commander of the Faithful ('a) as his successor, in conformity and obedience to the law, not because he was his own son-in-law or had performed certain services, but because, he was acting in obedience to God’s law, as its executor. 

According to Imam Khomeini, the law of Islam and the divine command has absolute authority over all individuals and the Islamic government.

Everyone, including the Most Noble Messenger and his successors, is subject to law and will remain so for all eternity—the law that has been revealed by God, Almighty and Exalted, and expounded by the tongue of the Qur’an and the Most Noble Messenger.


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