Imam Khomeini wanted religious ceremonies to become platform for promoting genuine teachings

Imam Khomeini wanted religious ceremonies to become platform for promoting genuine teachings

The great Imam wanted all religious and spiritual ceremonies to become the platform for promotion of justice and real Islamic administration be developed from such stages.

According to Imam, in most cases, common people or elites just participate in such ceremonies and simply listen, and then leave these religious gatherings without understanding the real message of Islam. 

it is widely recommended that opportunities for providing a proper understanding of the contents of the genuine teachings of Islam should be honored, and the presence of scholars and the cultural elite of Iran and the Muslim nations’ scholars from other countries for understanding, analyzing and contemplating the principals should be given due regard. Scholarly discussions in this regard could spread and raise the level of knowledge, research and propagation concerning the sublime thoughts of Islam.  

The founder of the Islam Republic also said that some previous regimes such as Pahlavi dynasty wanted to eradicate the culture of Ashura from society or wanted the people to hold such religious gatherings without understanding the real philosophy of this important and tragic event. 

Imam used to say that the culture of the blessed Ramadan and Ashura challenge and confront all types of oppression, tyranny, colonialism and carries cultural, social and political messages.  

Given the above-motioned facts, Imam Khomeini used to say that these divine months endures Islam and advised preachers to promote genuine teachings during this period. 

The great philosopher advised all clerics to deliver such speeches at religious gatherings which can elevate the Islamic societies towards spiritual, moral and political development. 

The great religious leader of the Muslim world leader also recommended the Muslim world to pay attention to important message of Ramadan which aims promotion of basic principle of Islam and that would be “commanding for good and forbidding from the bad.”

The great Imam Khomeini believes that the blessed month of Ramadan is the overflowing spring of valor and liberality, and the secret of permanent struggle for safeguarding the Divine religion of Islam, the code which ushers in monotheism and justice, and befits the eminence of human status, so that mankind may, with the help of its God-given consciousness and the fervor of seeking the truth, become fit for the vicegerency of God on earth, and man's soul may become a manifestation of the oneness of God and justice.

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