'Guards Day' restores spirit of Imam Hossein(PBUH)'s school of thought

'Guards Day' restores spirit of Imam Hossein(PBUH)'s school of thought

The 3rd of Sh’aban which marks the birthday anniversary of Imam Hossein (PBUH), was declared as declared as the “Pasdar Day”.

 Imam Khomeini once said in a historic message as following: 

Felicitations to all the oppressed people of the world on the occasion of the propitious and blessed Eid of the auspicious birth anniversary of the Leader of the Oppressed!” 

Now that our revolutionary guards from the Guard Corps and the Committees of our times have declared this great, blessed, and everlasting day as the “Pasdar Day”, they have chosen to take on a great responsibility and duty.

It could be said that they have chosen this day in memory of the guards of the day of Ashoura and the struggles and sacrifices of Karbala'. What a noble choice and what a grand responsibility! It is noble because it keeps alive the memories of the pure blood of the Shia and it is a grand responsibility because of all that sacrifice and chivalry. This pure blood of sacrifice has won such deep divine grace that it is called as “Thar Allah” (lit. the blood of Allah) that flowed from beyond the veils of darkness and light, completely untainted by any kind of egotism and selfishness, and had reached the very precincts of “servanthood of Allah is a gem, whose essence is Divine Lordship”, where all our hands fall short. However, do not lose hope; strive hard so that can take on a deeper Islamic and sacred color. And ensure that all your sacrifices remain pure, just as they are now, by the grace of God.

Since you dear ones have, right at the beginning of the Revolution, emerged forth from the midst of society and have striven in the battle of truth against falsehood and the monarchial regime and are now making brave sacrifices against the kufr of Saddam's armies or the blood-thirsty America along with your brothers from the army and the other armed forces from the basijis to the brave ethnics and are bringing great honor to Islam and this nation, you should know that God is the supporter of His armies and the final victory is always with the truth!


I congratulate you and the other strata of the nation as well as all the oppressed people of the world on the occasion of the “Pasdar Day” and pray for their prosperity as well as the grandeur of Islam and the Muslims.

Long live the combatant of Islam! Long live the Revolutionary Guards Corps! Long live the Revolutionary Committees! Peace be upon the Martyrs of Islam! Long live the survivors of the martyrs! Long live those afflicted by the imposed war and long live the Iranian nation!

Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini 

(Sahifeh, vol.14, Page: 349-351, Message, June 6, 1981) 

Meanwhile, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has recently reiterated that Iran's Army must become stronger by taking advantage of past experiences and relying on its young manpower.

Ayatollah Khamenei made the remarks in a meeting with a group of the Iranian Army’s senior commanders on Sunday, in which the Leader lauded the efficiency and valuable experiences of seasoned personnel of the Army.

The Leader also expressed hope about the bright future of the young members of Iran's Army and underlined the need to boost the Army's capabilities.

“Progresses [made so far by Iran's Army] must continue, so that, the future Army will be better, stronger, more efficient and more revolutionary than the current Army,” Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out.

The Leader called on the young members of Iran's Army to use all their initiatives, efforts and capabilities to improve the Army.

In a meeting earlier this month with a group of senior commanders of the Iranian Armed Forces, Ayatollah Khamenei said enemies of the Islamic establishment were in fear of the rising power of Iran, but were not able to do anything to curb it.

The Leader mentioned power, security, dignity and having adequate capability in time of need as the main goals of the Iranian Armed Forces, noting that all the activities conducted by those forces must be aimed at achieving their predetermined goals.

Downplaying the efforts made by the Islamic Republic’s enemies to curb its power, the Leader said, “Despite all conspiracies and in spite of the enemy, the power of the Islamic establishment will continue to increase on a daily basis.

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