Iran gained economic independence under Imam Khomeini leadership

Iran gained economic independence under Imam Khomeini leadership

Iranian nation achieved enormous economic achievements under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic. Imam also changed balance of powers in the interest of the oppressed nations across the region and elsewhere in the world.

The triumph of Islamic revolution that’s been indebted to the prudent leadership of Imam Khomeini, wide presence of descent people and the inquisitive lessons of Shia’s school, has highly affected local, regional and global landscape. This century’s miracle of God kept the world devours and oppressors’ hand away from our country on one hand and on the other lightened the light and sparks of hopping for Islam’s renaissance’s in the hearts of the world’s Muslims.

Today at the dawn of 39th year of this incredible event for a better and deeper retrospect and reinvestigation of the Islamic revolution we survey through some of its most important achievements in different fields of social, cultural, political, economic, and scientific and others.

The most outstanding Economic Achievements of the Islamic Revolution:

  • Cultivating economic independence through lowering dependability.
  • Relative self-sufficiency in producing basic and strategic goods and preparation of people’s basic needs.
  • Getting rid of foreigner’s economic dominance (especially of countries like America and United Kingdom and…) over the country and prevention of plundering public wealth by them.
  • Utilisation of local force by Iranian economy and use of domestic ability in productivity.
  • Founding the right and just economy according to Islamic measures for producing welfare, clearing poverty and any kind of privation in the grounds of food, housing, jobs, health, and prevalence of insurance.
  • Lowering poverty and deprivation in that layers of society with low income and same time prioritisation of helping deprived regions of the country.
  • Trying to narrow class gaps and clearing the indications of.
  • Making grounds for flourishing and development in the country by clearing the obstacles of making economic infrastructures.
  • Directing the macro economy of the country towards increasing agricultural, animal, and industrial productions.
  • Self-believing in industrial, agricultural and animal production section.
  • Efforts for industrial progress of the country through planning, utilisation of sciences and techniques as well as training skilled forces and…
  • Paying attention and helping country’s rural portions and clearing them off from deprivation.         

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