Think of it while you are still young

Nobody has given you a written assurance of that

In his first speech after arrival in the holy city of Najaf, Imam Khomeini stated thus to the theology students:

          “Think of it from now; think of it while you are still young;

           now every step that you take is in the direction of the grave;

           every minute of your noble life that passes brings you to an extent closer to the grave (to death);

           to where you are going to be interrogated (in the grave);

           reflect on this subject (which is that) of getting close to the grave (to the hour of death);

           and nobody has given you a written assurance that you will live for a hundred and twenty years. 

           A person can die at the age of twenty-five, or die right now.

          There is no guarantee and you must be careful,

           and purify yourself spiritually (while you are still young and have the time).”

Narrated by: Hujjat al-Islam wal Muslimeen Sayyid Hamid Rouhani

Taken from: Impressions from Imam Khomeini’s Memoirs, vol. 5, chapter 7, pp. 179-80

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