I am indebted to the people

On the route to migration to Iraq and refusal of Kuwait to accept the Imam, the Imam stayed in Baghdad for one more night because he was supposed to fly to Paris the next morning (Friday) at 9 A.M. On that Thursday, we were sitting in the presence of the Imam worried and anxious about the situation and the events but the Imam was extremely composed and determined as if nothing had happened. In fact he would even give us consolation. From Tehran there were reports that the people were extremely troubled and many demonstrations and protest rallies had taken place and all were worried about the situation.

I haven't forgotten this sentence of the Imam who in that state of anxiety and discomfort that we were all in and the unknown future that lay ahead stated thus: "I am ashamed and indebted to the people. They have put themselves in trouble for our sake while we are sitting here in absolute comfort." Truly wasn't is amazing that a person in a state of uncertainty, who is exiled and taken from the border to the airport; from Basrah to Baghdad and from there to a destination that was unknown and the unknown fate that awaited him should regard himself to be in absolute comfort despite this dilemma and is worried that the people have put themselves in trouble for his sake.[1]

[1] I am indebted to the people:  Muhammad Rida Nasiri, ibid., vol. 3, p. 243.

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