If this is the rule, then don’t bring it

One day I was with the Imam that he turned to my brother Haj Ahmad Aqa and said: “You bring the book ‘Kashf al-Asrar’ from here.” The Imam was referring him to a place that I thought probably implied that the Jamaran Husayniyyah had a library because he referred to a very close location and said: “Bring it for me from there.” Ahmad Aqa replied that he would do as he was instructed but that, “It is the rules of this library that they do not allow you to take away books. Whoever wants a book must go there and read it.” The Imam stated; “If this is their rule then it is not necessary for you to bring the book” and then turning towards me he asked if I could get hold of the book which I replied in the affirmative and arranged it from another place and gave it to him.

If this is their rule then don’t bring it.

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