Why do you want to change my prescribed medications?

I seldom saw a sick person during my days of practicing medicine that like the Imam follow the prescriptions of the doctor to the letter. For instance if t was prescribed that so and son medicine must be taken at every hour, this was something that an ordinary mortal cannot tolerate whereas for him—who was an exceptional man from every angle—it was perfectly easy to implement. We too intended to prescribe drugs that were “long active’ but were afraid that its absorption in the body would take place suddenly and cause undesirable side-effects. In any case, when we mentioned it to the Imam, he said: “Why do you want to change the prescription of my drugs?” We replied that it was possible that his tolerance to drugs given hourly would reduce and we would feel responsible for causing him discomfort. He stated: “On no account will it cause me discomfort and it is not necessary for you to attempt to change the prescription.”

Why do you want to change the prescribed drugs? Dr. Pur-Muqaddas

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