He emphasized the independence of the authorities

The intervention of the Imam in government duties was always in strategic cases. He always disliked interference in the duties of the government organizations and this style resulted in the maturity and development of the government bodies and apparatus. The Imam strongly believed in discipline in affairs and visits to his office was always arranged through relevant and responsible bodies. I never saw his office get involved in duties of government bodies. I do not even recall except a single instance when the Imam intervened to appoint an individual to a position or to dismiss him; or to recommend the presence or absence of an individual in the formation of government. That single exceptional instance was the Minister of Information. In this case too he did not mention a name and only reminded me to consult with him after I had come to a conclusion concerning an individual or individuals. Regarding the formation of cabinet and introduction of ministers to the legislative assembly, if at any time there was a problem that could not be resolved through normal procedures; he would delegate the responsibility for resolving the issue to a council. In any case, in general, I must say that the Imam emphasized the independence of the authorities and their actions be within the framework of the Constitution.

He emphasized the independence of the authorities: Mir Husayn Musawi

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