There are no eyes unable to see your beautiful face,

There are no ears unable to hear your utterance.

Hands are extended towards no one but you,

One searches nothing in the world except your foot trace.

I am the love's traveller and fed up with cloak and throne,

I won't replace your heart-adorning face with the two worlds.

The stature of the cypress-like won't be bought a penny,

By the one who dreams of your shapely stature.

Which direction can be chosen, if you are not the Qiblah,

By the one who is searching in the shrine your shelter and your place.

Everywhere is the love's abode as my love is everywhere,

Blind is the one who is not able to find in the world your place.

Who shall I tell that he has not seen and won't see in the world,

Anything but your arch of eyebrow and your curly hair.

The booth of wisdom and science closed and opened the door of love instead,

The one that was enamoured of you.

I will break this pen, and tear out this book,

I am not able to describe your exalted appearance.

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