Imam Khomeini revived Islam, defended oppressed people

Imam Khomeini revived Islam, defended oppressed people

A Danish intellectual says Imam Khomeini led the Islamic Revolution in a bid to revive Islam and defend oppressed people.

The intellectual has been among the foreign guests who attended this year’s passing away anniversary of the late founder of the Islamic Republic in the Iranian capital, Tehran. Our website staff has conducted an interview to know his views regarding divine character of Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, and the Islamic Revolution. What comes following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Q: Would you please introduce yourself?

A: My name is Heidar, I’m from Denmark, I work in a cultural group in a mosque named Imam Ali in Denmark

Q: Would you please tell us how did you get to know Imam Khomeini?

A: Imam Khomeini is a respectful character to each true Muslim all over the world. We can see how respectful and great he was by seeing Iran today. He made the revolution just because he was worried about the oppressed people, not because of himself and as a result not for power. He made a revolution just to revive Islam and save oppressed people, So I just can say I adore his character

Q: what makes Imam Khomeini different from other leaders?

A: Imam Khomeini still continues, his ideas are still alive, people all over the world make revolutions inspired by his thoughts and ideas, as we see his revolution is alive after 38 years and also with all the problems caused by the enemies of Islam.

Q: considering Imam Khomeini’s ideas and thoughts how we can overcome the current problems in the Muslim nations?

A: Simply it is to follow Imam Khomeini; I think it’s difficult to follow for some people, because they had to ignore their benefits.

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