People across Indian subcontinent adore Imam Khomeini

People across Indian subcontinent adore Imam Khomeini

A prominent Indian intellectual says a vast majority of people across Indian subcontinent adore Imam Khomeini due to his revolutionary personality, and follow his footsteps.

Our website has conducted an interview with the academic figure to know his ideas about a range of issue regarding the unprecedented personality of Imam Khomeini and history of the Islamic Revolution. He has been among honorable foreign guest attending this year’s passing away anniversary ceremony of Imam Khomeini in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

What comes following is a transcription of the interview

Q: Could you please introduce yourself?

A: My name is Javeed Reza and I am from India

Q: How do you know Imam Khomeini?

Javeed Reza: After the Islamic Revolution and the victory of Islam over the tyranny of oppressors, Imam Khomeini gained a very respectful vision of himself among the Shias and Sunnis an generally speaking among Muslim societies in India and Pakistan, people there see him as an Imam and follow his footsteps

Q: As you know the Muslim society now a day is encountering many problems, considering imam advises how can we solve all this difficulty?

Javeed Reza: As we see, there are many problems in Muslim countries such as Iraq, Syria I believe if we get to realize that how much following the footsteps of Imam Khomeini can be effective and beneficial to our nation, we won’t see again such problems among Muslim countries. Imam Khomeini has always stressed on unity among Muslim and Following the teachings of Quran, and this was the main reason which leaded him and his successor to the victory of Islamic Revolution, and there is something I should remind; there is no such thing as Terrorism in Islam, all we see these days specially what is happening in Pakistan and India, it soon will be resolved, only if we follow Quranic instruction, imam Khomeini’s main concern.

Q: How the Media in your country presents Imam Khomeini’s face?

Javeed Reza: In our country, the media is actually supporting Imam Khomeini’s ideas, in India they mostly adore Imam Khomeini because of his revolutionary character and because he was always a true supporter of the oppressed nations, to Indian Muslims the instructions of imam Khomeini are quite valuable and I hope following his footstep we will reduce the tensions and the problems among the Muslims.

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