Imam Khomeini boosted Muslim unity

Imam Khomeini boosted Muslim unity

A Bangladeshi scholar says the late founder of the Islamic Republic strengthened Islamic societies by boosting unity among Shia and Sunni Muslims.

The intellectual has been among foreign guests attending the ceremony of the passing away anniversary of Imam Khomeini this year in the Iranian capital Tehran.

Our website has conducted an interview to know his views on range of issues regarding Imam’s dynamic thought and ideals.

The rough transcription of the interview comes as following:

Question: Would you please give us a short brief presentation of you?

Answer:  I am Muhammad Showkat Husain, an editor in a local newspaper in Bangladesh. Several years back when I had travelled to Iran to see Imam Khomeini, I was the student of Islamic student assembly in Bangladesh at that time.

The travel was a good one as it inspired me to write a book about the Islamic revolution of Iran and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

Question: How do you analyze Imam Khomeini’s character and how we can his ideals guide us in resolving the problems of facing the Muslim world?

Muhammad Showkat Husain:  Imam Khomeini was the ambassador of the unity of the Muslims and he was seeking for unity between Shias and Sunnis and all Muslims. I’m sure if he was alive now this goal was realized.  Imam Khomeini was an exception, spectacular leader and a revolutionary leader who led the Islamic revolution of Iran to victory. I believe if the Muslims around the world follow his footsteps and consider each other as religious brothers, most of the problems will be solved.

Question: How do Media attach significance and give coverage to ideals and thought of Imam Khomeini?

Muhammad Showkat Husain:  In our country, Imam Khomeini is widely loved and respected.   Only a limited section of society which proclaims itself secular may fail to notice his precious ideas.

Question: How do you think Imam Khomeini changed the points of view toward Islam?

Muhammad Showkat Husain:  Imam Khomeini manifested Islam an ideology rather that a religion, and he proved that Islam is a code for life, so he implanted the idea that Islam is not basically a collection of religious actions but it is the best of life which obeying its rules makes people fortunate.

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