Imam Khomeini, a matchless leader in modern era

Imam Khomeini, a matchless leader in the modern era

A Georgian intellectual says Imam Khomeini has been a matchless character and leader in modern history.

The scholar said that Imam Khomeini overthrew monarchy in Iran and replaced it with an Islamic-democratic system. The Georgian national also went onto say that Imam influenced the entire Muslim world and defended the rights of oppressed people.

Our Website staff members has conducted an interview with the scholar who has been among foreign guests who attended passing away anniversary of Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic in the Iranian capital in month of June.

What comes following is the rough transcript of the interview:

Q: Could you please give us a short introduction of yourself?

A: My name is Akaki, I’m from Tbilisi, Georgia, and working for Media.

Q: What was motives behind your participation in passing away anniversary of Imam Khomeini?

Akaki: I have read about this event in a newspaper, I knew Imam Khomeini a little so I decided to come here and participate in this ceremony to get to know about his precious character more, and I was also interested in knowing the Iranian culture and history, because Iranian culture is an ancient one.

Q: How did you get to know about Imam Khomeini’s personality and character?

Akaki: As far as I know Imam Khomeini is an influential character in the modern era of Iran, and also in the Muslim world, the reason of my presence here is to know his legendary character more, so now I know him as a great leader who helped Iranian People get rid of the tyranny and dictatorship of the former regime.

Q: How did Imam Khomeini leave impact on the contemporary world?

Akaki:  He led a revolution which has influence the modern Iran in so many ways, he brought Iranian people a revolution and as a result a brand new perspective which was unique in the area.

Q: How did Imam Khomeini’s movement defended the right of oppressed people?

In a documentary I saw about the Islamic revolution he was a simple man supporting the oppressed people after years of striving for freedom and victory, and that simple man could dethrone the dynasty, so he must have had a powerful character which I believe makes an incomparable leader out of him.

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