Imam Khomeini sought to establish peaceful world

Imam Khomeini sought to establish peaceful world

A Bulgarian intellectual says the late founder of the Islamic Republic wanted peace for all people around world regardless of their ethnicity and religious association.

The intellectual has been among foreign guests who attended the passing away anniversary of Imam Khomeini in the Iranian capital in the month of June this year.

Our website has conducted an interview with him to know his views about a range of Imam Khomeini’s ideals and the positive impact of the Islamic revolution on the international stage. What comes following is a rough transcription of the interview:

Q: Please introduce yourself?

A: My name is Peter Balabanov.  I'm an English teacher and I'm from Bulgaria. It's my first time I'm visiting Iran and I'm very impressed by your beautiful country.

Q: What made you come to Iran and participate in this ceremony?

Peter Balabanov: During last weeks I participated in a ceremony held in Sofia "the Persian Poetry night" and there I decided to come to Iran and make the acquaintance with Iranian culture.

Q: Could you please tell us about Imam's inspiring personality character, how do you know him and that how has he influenced the Muslims or even non-Muslims all over the world?

Peter Balabanov: I think Imam Khomeini was a great person and a great Leader, I make acquaintances with him through some of his books and also vastly by Internet, and I still can remember the Islamic revolution which took place about 37 years ago, I can say that it influenced many people's life and also in a wider range it influences people's thought. I think it was a great improvement in Iranian people's lives and what is remarkable in Imam's great personality is his really humble life and that he devoted his life to the prosperity of his people and also All Muslims around the world.

Q: Are you familiar with his political point of view besides his religious point of view?

Peter Balabanov: what I admire is his struggle for peace apart from other political notions. He also emphasized on fight against terrorism, his great goal for all humanity, ignoring Race and nationality, was living with peace, he wand peace for all people around the world.

Q: As you know we are facing with different difficulties and problems in Islamic societies and nations, considering Imam Khomeini's thoughts and beliefs how can we overcome all these problems and difficulties and leave behind these entire crisis?

Peter Balabanov: I think as Imam Khomeini always emphasized all the societies should unite against this Evil; we should follow his footsteps to fight for a peaceful world.

Q:  As you know we had a great Islamic revolution in Iran and now days we are seeing many revolutions, do you think they are somehow affected by the Iranian Islamic revolution

Peter Balabanov: Of course, many of them are affected by the Islamic revolution, I think it is mostly because this revolution was a revolution of thoughts and spirit, it leads to liberate the spirit of Human beliefs and expectation, it brought freedom for a better future.

Q: And is there anything you want to say about Imam's personality and character in a few words?

Peter Balabanov: I can say he is an Amazing Hero, he was very humble and he was not dependent to the material and belongings, he lived a very modest life which was very unique for a leader. I saw his house, considering it was a revolutionary character and a leader's house really impressed me.

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