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The Declaration of the Global Quds Day

On the eve of the International Quds Day, Imam Khomeini addresses a message to the Muslim Iranian nation and the oppressed of the world. Imam Khomeini calls upon the oppressed and Muslims of the world to rise to their feet and take charge of their own destiny. While sharply criticizing America, Israel and reactionary rulers, the Imam states: “The honorable nations of Iraq, Egypt and other countries under domination of hypocrites must rise up, disregard the corrupt propaganda machinery presenting these criminals as Muslims and not be intimidated by the flimsy powers of these traitors.” Rejecting the conciliatory gestures, the Imam asserts: “In order to save Jerusalem, doctrines based on faith and the power of Islam must be applied and political maneuverings which smack of compromise with superpowers and appeasing them have to be discarded.”