Motahhari hailed as exceptional talent

Motahhari hailed as exceptional talent

The grandson of Imam Khomeini has hailed exceptional talent of martyred Ayatollah Morteza Motahhari, saying he had great efficiency.

Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Khomeini in a note which was written on the martyrdom anniversary of late Motahhari said that he had well command over a range of disciplines of knowledge.

 This comes as Motahhari, one of prominent pupil of Imam, has left an enriched academic legacy by writing dozens of works on various subjects.

His books cover Islamic history, beliefs, spirituality, interpretation of Quran, events of Ashura, philosophy, logic, mysticism and some other fields.

Late Ayatollah Motahhari had been regarded as a right-hand of Imam Khomeini and a distinguished Islamic philosopher, whose philosophical views cover all aspects of society.

Iran celebrates National Teacher's day on 12th of Ordibehesht month on the Iranian calendar which falls in early May, commemorating the martyrdom of late Ayatollah Motahhari, the renowned writer and a timeless teacher.

Imam Khomeini had recommended the young generations, university and seminary scholars to pay special attention to precious works left by Motahhari.

In a historic message, which was released following martyrdom of the great Muslim scholar,   Imam Khomeini had said that all valuable works left by Motahhari are of great value and significance.

Imam Khomeini in a historic letter to Ayatollah Morteza Motahhari sent from the holy city of Najaf in 1969, nearly ten years earlier than the victory of the Islamic revolution, had emphasized that the youth stand in dire need of understanding the genuine teaching of Islam.  

Imam also pointed out that the religious and spiritual teachings should be conveyed to the young people by using kind expressions, glad tidings of divine mercy.

Imam Khomeini presented a solution to the ongoing spirituality crisis plunging the various parts of the modern world.

The great leader of the Muslim world revived the genuine religious and divine teaching at a very sensitive juncture of the history.

Motahari, one of the most literate scholars trusted by Imam Khomeini, always considered himself a pupil of the great Imam and undertook serious efforts to spread genuine objectives of the Islamic Revolution and stood by the Islamic movement through all stages.

Motahari stood against any type of superstitious and wrong beliefs, and also introduced the pure teachings of Islam.

 Ayatollah Motahari wrote continuously and assiduously from his student days  right up to 1979, the year of his assassination.

He has left dozens of books and treatises before his life was cut short by a terrorist assassin’s bullet at the age of 60 years. He was the president of the Constitutional Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran and a member of the Revolutionary Council at the time of his martyrdom,

Motahari also served as the Head of the Department of Theology and Islamic Learning at the Tehran University

Imam Khomeini issued a following historic message on the occasion of his martyrdom.

Parts of the message come as under:

In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Truly we are from God and we will return to Him 

 “Hereby I would express my condolences as well as my congratulation to Islam, the Islamic nation, especially to the resisting nation of Iran for this disaster of losing the honorable Professor Haj Sheikh Morteza Motahhari (May his spirit be sanctified), Imam said, adding,  “Condolence because of the martyrdom of the one who dedicated his precious life to Islamic aims and he campaigned against the deviations, condolence because of the martyrdom of the man who had no counterpart on Islamology and the other branches of Islamic techniques and those of the Holy Quran.”

“I have lost a very dear child of mine and I mourn for him who was among the figures who were my life achievement” Imam stressed, noting, “Although I have lost a very dear son of mine who was part of my soul, I am proud of such devoted children in Islam.”

Martyr Morteza Motahhari was a great intellectual who played a pivotal role in spreading the Islamic teachings and raised awakening during those repressive days of the foreign-installed Pahlavi regime.

Ayatollah Motahhari made it clear through his works that social accomplishment of social freedom has been impossible without achieving spiritual purification.

Imam Khomeini trained several scholars like Motahhari who largely contributed to intellectual growth of the entire Muslim world and played important role to spread the Islamic teachings.


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