Imam’s divine doctrine made revolution unrivaled

Imam’s divine doctrine made revolution unrivaled

The Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini emerged triumphant at a very sensitive juncture of history in 1979 when the world had been divided into two eastern and western blocs.

Islamic revolution was not affiliated to any political currents, external powers, and was not influenced by any material school of thought such as capitalism, nationalism or communism.

Imam Khomeini had led the Islamic movement by relying on God, the Almighty and divine teachings, and his mission was similar to divine prophets.

Therefore, the Islamic revolution become matchless, unrivalled and incomparable with other industrial or political revolutions which emerged in other parts of the world in current era. 

It is a crystal clear that the victory of the Islamic Revolution had put the interests of colonial and exploiting powers at risk, and vowed to defend the rights of the oppressed nations and the entire humanity.

Imam’s divine doctrine and his reliance on divine teachings had made him the most popular leader in the contemporary history. He became very popular among the entire Muslim world, the oppressed people across the globe.

He called for followers of all religions and faiths to become under a single banner in order to confront and challenge the occupational policies of colonial powers.

Imam’s independence policies, logical stance and his commitment towards oppressed people of the world made him unique and matchless rescuer and reviver. He raised his voice for the rights of common people of the world on the international arena.

He defended the common people and world public against the brutal policies of cruel rulers and dictators. Imam advised and recommended the nations to rise up to claim their rights and freedoms.  

Imam has had deep knowledge of divine sciences, Islamic teachings and well learned about politics and several inter disciplines of knowledge. He was also well aware of the current affairs of the world and unfolding development and occurrences across the globe.

Imam’s maintained very close ties with the world public and showed them how their rights were being violated by the colonial powers.

He invited all religious leaders and followers of the divine religions to unite under a single banner to confront the brutal powers and shield the right of the people from all walks of life. 

Imam supported democracy, defended human rights and set best Islamic and moral patterns about these issues.  

The founder of the Islamic Republic is hailed by devotees form all around the globe due to his spiritual and moral characteristics and his ideals and thought are equally becoming popular by passage of the time. 

Imam’s left several works in the fields of philosophy, mysticism, Hadith, Quranic interpretation. By following footsteps of the holy prophet of Islamic and his truthful successors, he adopted a very simple life style which attracted millions around the globe. 

Imam Khomeini’s academic, spiritual, religious and political legacy is becoming increasingly popular around the globe.

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