Imam Khomeini’s personality beyond description

Imam Khomeini’s personality beyond description

A female Lebanese scholar says Imam Khomeini’s matchless divine personality and severances rendered by him for the entire Muslim Ummah has been beyond description.

Our website has conducted an interview with Rabab al-Jouhari al-Shimas, a doctoral student in the field of the Islamic studies, to know her views about personality, works and his services to the Muslim nations. What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.

Question: How do you describe the divine and religious personality of Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic?

Rabab: Imam Khomeini is a great divine and religious figure who is beyond description. Imam has led the Islamic Revolution in contemporary history and confronted all colonial and exploiting powers on sensitive juncture of history.

Question: How do you feel impact and influence of Imam Khomeini on recent history?

Rabab: Imam opened the door of light and restored grandeur to the entire Islamic Umamah by leading a real and genuine revolution. Imam brought hope and dignity by his dynamic thought, works and ideals. He also revived the true face a real face as it was promoted by the holy prophet of Islam.

Question: What are your views about academic legacy and works left by Imam?

Rabab:  The academic and scholarly works left by Imam are enormous and covers a range of Islamic topics.  We need more efforts to explore Imam Works. For instances, I am a Ph.D student of Islamic studies while I still not know that an interpretation of Quranic exegesis has been published by Imam.

It is worth to mention that a group of scholar has recently extracted a five-volume interpretation from Imam Khomeini’s works which contain his Quranic views.

Imam has had well command over several Islamic and interdisciplinary disciplines. His works are becoming increasingly popular among the scholars and academics across various parts of the world.


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