Misbah al-Hidayah gives deep insight about Velayat

Misbah al-Hidayah gives deep insight about Velayat

A professor of philosophy says famous work by Imam Khomeini contains deep discussion about adherence to Velayat.

Yadollah Yazdan Panah said in a recent lecture that the discussions such as monotheism, the adherence to velayat of perfect man which opens horizon towards monotheism are of great significance in Shia epistemology. 

According to Lexicologist Velayat means being close, kind and supervisor, and some instances extracts governance and authority.

The scholar went onto say that Imam Khomeini in his famous book of Misbah al-Hidayah (lamp of guidance) has undertaken very deep discussions to prove the matter of adherence to Velayat of the members of the infallible member of the household of the Prophet. The holy prophet and his infallible successors are perfect men and open real horizons towards monotheism.

The intellectual pointed out that Imam Khomeini has resorted to mystic discussion to build very solid arguments and discussion to support the issue.

It is mention to worthy that Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, has had a great command over a range of Islamic displaces and fields including philosophy, mysticism, Hadith, Tafsir, poetry and literature.

Imam left several works which contain treasures of morality and mysticism.

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