Commemoration ceremony held for contemporary history figure

Commemoration ceremony held for contemporary history figure

A commutation ceremony has been held for the late Iranian scholar, Molla Mohammad Kazem Khorasani, also known as Akhound Khorasani, to hail his academic legacy.

The ceremony was attended by seminary and university scholars and people from various walks of society.

Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, the grandfather of the Islamic Republic delivered speech at the academic ceremony.

The participants highlighted the political and academic services of Khorasani.

Khorasani started his education in the holy city of Mashhad and Tehran and gained  well command over logic and philosophy and several other fields.

 In 1861 he moved to the Iraqi city of Najaf worked on complementary studies under Grand Ayatollah Mirza Hassan Shirazi

Khorasani succeeded as marja (Religious authority) following Shirazi's death and delivered lecturers at Najaf seminary for years.

He played very important role and contribution in the Constitutional Revolution (1905-1911) in Iran.

The most famous work left by is  known as “The Sufficiency” which ranks among jurists and academic circles.

Khorasani gathered the jurisprudential ideas and presented them in a yet more rigorous fashion as a unified theory of jurisprudence.

It is noteworthy that the Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini in 1979 strengthened the seminary and university education systems

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