Academics mark Mostafa Khomeini martyrdom anniversary

Academics mark Mostafa Khomeini martyrdom anniversary

People from various walks of life have attended a ceremony held to mark the 38th martyrdom ceremony of the son of the founder of the Islamic Republic.

The gathering was organized in the Iranian city of Esfahan to remember the services Imam Khomeini’s son rendered to the Islamic Revolution.

People from various walks of life, several religious scholars and academic figures attended the gathering of great significance. 

Addressing the participants, Ayatollah Naseri, a prominent cleric said that Ayatollah Seyyed Mostafa Khomeini had spared no efforts to convince all senior clerics to fully back the Islamic Revolution which was being led by the great Imam.  

Mostafa Khomeini stood behind his father through thick and thin times during struggle against the then foreign-backed regime of Shah in Iran 

Mostafa Khomeini has left an exegesis on parts of the holy Quran and several scholarly works in various academic fields.

He was believed to be mysteriously martyred by some intelligence elements of the then Shah regime. 

Some years after the martyrdom of Mostafa Khomeini, However, the Islamic Revolution emerged victorious under leadership of Imam Khomeini and resulted in collapse of  the then Shah and his backers. 

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