Imam Khomeini maintained gracefulness, displayed dignity

Imam Khomeini maintained gracefulness, displayed dignity

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic used to remain clam and displayed dignity through good times and bad times.

Senior civilian and military officials say that the once came to Imam in order to brief him about the successful operation Mersad which was launched by the Iranian armed forces as a counter attack against MKO terrorist organization in 1988. 

The MKO terrorists were at the time being harbored by then Iraqi dictator Saddam who had imposed a war against Iran. The MKO terrorists used to launch cross-border attacks into Iran in order to disrupt peace and security. 

The senior military commanders told Imam that the terrorists had plotted and conspired to target several important installations inside Iran and even had plans to attack Jamaran district in northern Tehran where Imam’s simply built residence was located. However the entire MKO terrorist plot has been foiled by the Iranian armed forces, the officials added

Reacting to the developments, Imam thanked God, the Almighty and prayed for the success of the forces of the Islamic Republic who were defending the country against aggression by Saddam and his colonial backers.  

The senior officials recall that Imam did react calmly and gracefully to the upholding developments and did not become upset or distressed. 

People close to Imam’s circle says that Imam had put great trust in God, the Almighty in all tough times 

It is noteworthy that Operation Mersad was the last major military operation of the Iran-Iraq War, ending in a decisive victory for Iran. 

The operation involved a successful counterattack against a July 1988 military incursion from Iraq, by thousands of MKO terrorists. 

The MKO terrorists were armed, equipped and given air support by Iraqi dictator Saddam. 

Led by Lt. General Ali Sayad Shirazi, Operation Mersad began on 26 July 1988 and lasted only a few days, where the Iranian Armed Forces crushed the MKO terrorists. 

The Islamic Republic emerged unscathed and triumphant despite numerous attacks during the eight-year Iraqi-imposed war.

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