Imam’s mystical works continue to guide all believers

Imam’s mystical works continue to guide all believers

Researchers say Imam Khomeini’s mystical works will continue to guide all believers and followers of all divine religions.

Several of Imam Khomeini’s academic works poetic verses, letters and message contain mystical treasures and deep insightful wisdom.

The founder of the Islamic Republic is well-known for his academic legacy as he has left several works on jurisprudence, Hadith, Quranic interpretation, philosophy and mysticism.

Several of works left by Imam Khomeini contain mystical treasures.

The great scholar of contemporary era has touched upon on various issues with genuine Islamic approach with referring to basic Islamic sources.

Imam’s books titled; an exposition on Forty Hadith, hosts of intellect and ignorance, the exposition on supplication of dawn, the secret and discipline of prayer and several other works highlight mystical perspectives.

Imam Khomeini also used to advise his family members, followers and all believers to caution against lower carnal desires and decorate themselves with divine morals and manners. 

The great Imam used to warn them against falling into moral and social decline and advised them to take serious efforts in order to enjoy spiritual prosperity and hereafter salvation.

The poetry and several other works of the founder of the Islamic Republic have been translated in various languages and are widely welcomed by the readers across different parts of the world.

The world religious and spiritual leader has mentioned several ethical, moral and religious concepts in form of poetry.

Imam‘s mystical works are becoming increasingly popular among the followers of all divine religion. The works teach all humans how to manage their self-purification and attain proximity to God, the Almighty.

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