Imam cautioned while spending form public funding

Imam cautioned while spending form public funding

The world religious and spiritual leader used to exercise extra-ordinary caution when it came to using public properties or permitting spending form public funds.

Friends and family members say the great Imam during his stay and holy city of Najaf did not allow his office phone to be used for personal purposes.

Imam had issued certain advice and guidelines that the telephone should be just used to answer religious questions and queries being asked by the public masses. 

None of staff members and even Imam’s family members were not allowed to use phone for personal communication. 

Imam Khomeini continued these practices even after becoming founder of the Islamic Republic following the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979.

The great leader of the Muslim world had opted to live in a very simply-built residence and distributed all his personal lands among farmers in the historic city of Khomein. 

Imam also promoted rule of law and best practices of governance after establishing an Islamic-democratic system in Iran. The revolution brought prosperity to Iranians supported the oppressed nations around the globe.   

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