Imam Khomeini possessed unique positive characteristics

Imam Khomeini possessed unique positive characteristics

The founder of the Islamic Republic became capable of leading the Islamic world due to his unique divine positive characteristics.

Friends and relatives say Imam Khomeini has had unique positive divine characteristics, which made him capable of leading the entire Muslim community in contemporary history.

The founder of the Islamic Republic wanted to seek the nation on way to progress in fields of sports, politics, education, medical and several others arenas based on moral, ethical and spiritual principles.

The great Imam used to make use of each moments of his life and spared no efforts for the progress of the Muslim nations, and released them from clutches of the world arrogance.

He had displayed great discipline and management qualities and adopted a simple life style.

Imam has had a comprehensive personality and used to manage all worldly and spiritually affairs.

Our readers may find interesting that the great leader also used to do exercise throughout all stages of his life and played traditional sports in his youth.

Once a group of footballers from various teams had a historic meeting with Imam in Jamaran neighborhood in northern Tehran.

The football players from Persepolis, Esteghlal and Shaheen clubs who had participated in ‘Mohammad Ali Jinnah tournament’ in Pakistan had met imam to seek advice from Imam.

Imam had praised their exceptional talent and congratulated them for winning the cup and contributing to create a good image of the country and nation.

The great Imam advised them that alongside pursuing their career in sports, the players must also concentrate on their spiritual training and soul purification.

Imam believed that only the players who attach significance to moral, human and divine values can be useful for the mankind and societies.

The founder of the Islamic Republic also wanted the sportsmen and players to focus on needs and challenges facing the nation and the Muslim society.

Iran has made tremendous progress in several fields following the victory of the Islamic revolution in 1979.

Imam believed the university systems should become independent and self-sufficient in field of sports, technology and other fields and should be able to offer their services for the entire Muslim world and oppressed nations.

 Imam Khomeini, the world religious leader believed that without attainment of spiritual freedom, it would be impossible for authorities and administrations to grant other members of society with civil liberties and real freedoms.

The great Imam sketched real pillars of a perfect administration which should be based on divine and moral principles. 

The great figure of history advised authorizes to show transparency, truthfulness, simplicity and simple life style in their practical conduct and behavior. He also advised them to openly accept constructive types of criticism. 

According to Imam Khomeini, the people in charge of various affairs and members of society should equip themselves with divine characteristics and take serious effort to get rid of carnal desires. 

His dynamic mystic and religious thought would continue to spiritually guide and transform the truth-seekers for the coming periods and centuries.

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