Imam Khomeini supported exceptional talents

Imam Khomeini supported exceptional talents

The founder of the Islamic Republic had issued special recommendations for relevant government authorities and officials to encourage the youth who have exceptional talents.

The great imam frequently emphasized that the country shouldn’t be dependent on any external powers in academic and technological fields.

The great leader pointed out that the potentials of the youth should be materialized for the benefit and interests of the nation and country.

Imam used to insist that the people with initiatives should be encouraged and provided with necessary facilities.

The great spiritual and religious leader of the world used to say that some external forces and colonial powers had been spreading speculations and misconceptions that all kind of technologies or academic necessities or knowledge should be imported from the United States or the Europe.

The founders of the Islamic Republic believed that the Iranians could easily become independent and self-sufficient in various fields including agriculture and industry.

He used to arrange meetings with youth blessed with exceptional talents and encouraged them to enhance their research works in relevant fields.

The founder of the Islamic Republic advised the Iranian students studying abroad advised them to return the homeland in order to play crucial role in fate and future of the country.

Imam said in one of his historic address just before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 that the university students and graduates must take the fate of their country in their own hands. 

The great leader of the Muslim world always used to advise the students to equip themselves with advanced studies and specialization and advanced technologies. 

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