Was Imam thinking of prevailing Velayat Faghih all over the world? Did Imam think of exporting the revolution?

Answer: Undoubtedly, prevalence of Velayat Faghih (Islamic Jurisprudent) over the world of different religions, and different philosophical schools of thought could not be very much possible, since such an attempt demands for at least prerequisites like: Believing in monotheism, prophet-hood, Imamat (sacred leadership) and in absence of innocent Imam, belief in Vali-ye Faghih (qualified religious leader). But exporting the revolution was of Imam’s high contemplation: First of all, Islamic revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini is a real model to be promoted for different nations across the world; it is actually the duty of every Muslim to present his knowledge and services to the world of humanity unconditionally. Second: efforts on exporting revolution will keep the revolution itself alive and strengthen self-reliance, freedom and political independence in dealing with other nations. Third: Imam as a believer could never be indifferent about destiny of a nation which under the pressure of some powerful and hegemonic systems had lost their freedom, independence and culture. For such reasons his holiness would think of exporting the revolution and what he meant by exporting the revolution was realisation of spiritualties that come as side effects of freedom, independence and self-reliance of nations. In another word it means deliverance of Islamic revolution experience through its no-east no-west dimension to other nations subjugated by foreigners. Further, such deliverance must be accomplished gently and through cultural methods; it is not at all a means of interfering in the affairs of other countries or place for political manoeuvrings.

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