How much did Imam Khomeini stay during exile last in Turkey?

Imam Khomeini's exile period in Turkey lasted for eleven months. 

 During this time, The Shah's regime, through the use of unprecedented draconian measures, broke what remained of the resistance in Iran.

Imam's stay in Turkey, gave him an invaluable opportunity to compile his great work Tahrir al-Wasila. In this book, which is in fact his practical treatise (resalah), for the first time in that period, opinions governing holy war (jihad), defense, enjoining good and forbidding that which is wrong, and current problems were presented. 

On October 5, 1965 (Mehr 13, 1344 AHS), Imam, accompanied by his son Hajj Aqa Mostafa, left Turkey for his second place of exile: Iraq. There, he took up residence in the city of Najaf.

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