What is the necessity of establishing the Islamic government in Imam Khomeini's perspective?

Answer : We can briefly mention Imam Khomeini's perspective regarding the necessity of Islamic government establishment:

  1. Since the human society can do nothing against the acceptance of a government, and on the other hand, there are uniquely two different general flows of governments, which are religious, and non-religious in front, indifference or the ignorance of a religious government would not necessarily connote the acceptance of a non-religious government. However, this fact is obviously rejected.
  2. Regarding the nature and quality of Islamic laws due to their comprehensibility in all individual and social dimensions of life in each era and generation, we can mention this fact that these laws cannot be performed without the existence of an Islamic system, such as financial laws, defense and Jihad, statutory laws. Therefore, without considering the Islamic government, we can surely mention that the ground of most of divine laws would get limited and some would diminish completely.

The political life of religious predecessors confirms the necessity of Islamic governmental establishment. As an example, we can consider the prophet's acts in the establishment of Islamic government. It is worth mentioning that the execution of divine laws dependent on the Islamic government was not only present in the prophet's era, but its necessity is permanent.

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