What are Imam Khomeini’s views about Islam’s stance towards democracy?

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic frequently said the democratic values are deeply enshrined in the divine religion of Islam.According to Imam, Islam supports several human, social and moral values and seeks to promote them among the human and Islamic societies.

The great Imam maintained that Islam is supporter of democracy just as backs the maintenance of justice in the society and several others divine and human values.

The great leader of the Muslim world only considered a system legitimate which was based on outcome of people’s vote and masses participation. The great imam emphasized on active role of public and masses’ contribution to all social and governmental affairs.

The great figure of contemporary history also promoted accurate and genuine understanding of Islamic teachings and democratic values.

World founded very comprehensive Islamic-democratic system along with very strong institutions which are excellent instances of good practices and unique governance.

The Islamic Revolution set a successful pattern for establishing a democratic-Islamic government which is deeply relied on the public support and promotes divine, religious and moral values.


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